scouts logoScouts is a section for 10 to 14 year olds and is designed to provide everything Beavers and Cubs does but with more self sufficiency built in. This section provides it’s young people with more adventure and independence, Scouts are encouraged to do things alone or in teams with minimal supervision applying the skills they learn not only at Scouts but in earlier sections too. Some of the skills we expect a Scout to do by themselves is: Pitch a tent, cook a simple meal, administer basic first aid and read a map.

The Scout Troop meet on Wednesday nights from 7.40 pm until 9.00 pm and usually average a membership of around 15 – 20 young people aged between 10 and 14. It is the oldest and original section of the Scout Movement having been formed in 1908.

The Troop is made up of Patrols of about eight boys or girls, each one being led by a Patrol Leader and an Assistant Patrol Leader. The Patrol Leaders form Patrol Leaders Council that is responsible with adult guidance, for the running of the Troop. They also plan and organise Patrol activities where just their Patrol take part, these can be virtually any activity the Patrol wants, including camps.

If you are looking for fun and adventure, how do these sound; camping, climbing & abseiling, archery, rifle shooting, canoeing, pioneering, orienteering, cycling, football, ice skating, expeditions, quasar, water skiing, competitions and challenges, computing and the Internet! You will also be able to learn useful skills like first aid, map reading, and using a compass, tying knots, fire lighting, survival, observation and information evenings on the fire brigade, police and the services to name but a few.

All Scouts work through a progressive training award scheme and are also able to earn specialist activity badges, i.e. aeronautics, airmanship, ambulance, angler, athlete, survival skills, camp cook, camper, canoeist, caver, craft, D.I.Y., electronics, entertainer, explorer, fire fighter, forester, gymnast, helmsman, hiker, IT, lifesaver, master at arms, mechanic, model maker, mountaineer, musician, navigator, observer, paraglider, photographer, pioneer, quartermaster, rock climber, seamanship, skier, sports, swimmer, water sports, and that’s just some of them!

As a new member we will normally give you a couple of weeks to settle in although you will be expected to pay for any extra activities such as swimming, camps etc. Hopefully you will want to continue at which point you will start paying subs and will need to get a uniform.

Our Scout Troop is presided over by our Scout Leader Sammy who is assisted by Mike & Joey, we’re always on the lookout for more Scouts to join our Troop for more information on Scouts check out the official section info page here.

Contact Us

Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts meet on Wednesday evenings during school term time in St. Luke’s Church Hall, City Way, Rochester: Google Map

You can find further information, times and contact details on our leaflets:

  • Beavers (for boys and girls aged 5¾ – 8)
  • Cubs (for boys and girls aged 8 – 10½)
  • Scouts (for boys and girls aged 10½ – 14)

Our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts do occasionally meet away from the hall. Feel free to give ‘Sherbet’, ‘Akela’ or Sammy a ring to check we’ll be at the hall, or if you have further questions about joining.

If we’re too far away for you, please enter your postcode here to find your nearest Scout Group: